About the Study

The study involves being given a new, high-end vehicle to drive for roughly 4 weeks in place of your own vehicle. The goal of this study is to improve highway safety by developing an increased understanding of how drivers use and behave with active safety technologies, technologies supplied by vehicle manufacturers, portable technologies that are brought into the vehicle by a driver or passenger, and how drivers engage in other activities such as talking with passengers, eating, drinking, etc. 

We will collect the following data:

To be considered for the study, we will need to collect information (such as your social security number) in order to run a background and driving record check. At all times, your information will be treated in accordance with MIT’s CORI policy found here.

During the study, we will supply you with an instrumented vehicle to use instead of your regular vehicle. With this vehicle, we will collect:

  • Video from cameras
  • Audio
  • GPS
  • Vehicle telemetry (such as velocity, wheel position, state of alarms and active safety systems, etc.). 

Time Commitment:

The study will involve three in-person appointments and one phone interview.

  • First appointment (approximately 1 hour): complete a pre-experiment questionnaire and we will complete a background check and driving record check to ensure that you meet the participation requirements for this study.
  • Second appointment (approximately 1.5 hours): Training on the technologies in the vehicle, test drive, and receiving the vehicle.
    • ​Due to COVID-19, training has been adjusted to accamodate for social distancing and takes approximatley 1hr.
  • Final appointment (approximately 1 hour): Returning the vehicle, questionnaire, and interview.